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"My characteristics are:A foundation, order, service, struggle against limits, steady growth. My destiny is to express wonderful organization skills with my ever practical, down-to-earth approach. I’m the kind of person who is always willing to work those long, hard hours to push a project through to completion. My abilities to write and teach may lean toward the more technical and detailed. The positive attitudes; I am one who no doubt, fulfills obligations, and is highly systematic and orderly. I am serious and sincere, honest and faithful. It is my role to help and I am required to do a good job at everything undertake. I may express some of the negative attitudes. The obligations that my face may tend to create frustration and feelings of limitation or restriction. I may sometimes find myself nursing negative attitudes in this regard and these can keep me in a rather low mood. Avoid becoming too rigid, stubborn, dogmatic, and fixed in my opinions. I may have a tendency to develop and hold very strong likes and dislikes, and some of these may border on the classification of prejudice. The negative often produces dominant and bossy individuals who use disciplinarian to an excess. These tendencies must be avoided, hufz..I wish . Finally, I must keep my eye on the big picture and not get overly wrapped up in detail and routine. My desire in life is personal expression, and generally enjoying life to its fullest. I want to participate in an active social life and enjoy a large circle of friends. I want to be in the limelight, expressing my artistic or intellectual talents. Word skills may be my thing; speaking, writing, acting. In a positive sense is friendly, outgoing and always very social. I have a decidedly upbeat attitude that is rarely discouraged; a good mental and emotional balance. My Soul Urge gives intuitive insight, thus, very high creative and inspirational tendencies. The truly outstanding trait shown is that of self-expression, regardless of the field of endeavor. On the negative side, I may at times become too easygoing and too optimistic, tending to scatter forces and accomplish very little. Often, the excessive 3 energy produces non-stop talkers. Everyone has faults, but my urge doesn't appreciate having these pointed out. I dream of being a leader and one who is in charge. I want to be known for my courage, daring, and original ideas. I seek unconquered heights. People may get a first impression that I am very aggressive and sure of myself.